AppSec California 2020, January 21-24 at the Annenberg Beach House, Santa Monica, CA
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It's all about the fix.

For years the industry has been working to help companies find vulnerabilities in their code. Vendors developed new and better ways to find vulnerabilities faster, making it easy to automate scanning and assisting companies in their journey to build mature DevSecOps and secure their business.

But did they? 

Automating security scans as part of your DevOps pipeline is an excellent step toward securing your business. It allows developers to detect vulnerabilities early on. But that's where it ends. Developers still need to resolve those vulnerabilities instead of developing new capabilities. To research ways to remediate a reported issue instead of innovative new technologies. 

Mobb was founded to challenge that.

With Mobb's automatic vulnerability fixer, we aim to eliminate developers' pain as they see a new security ticket and the frustration security teams feel negotiating exceptions on those. To dismiss the need to prioritize security over innovation, remediating vulnerabilities vs. delivering new business-generating features.

Automated scanning is not SecDevOps. Automatic remediation is.